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the second time i used this heading

2020 made self sufficiency a heightened focus, while the world shut down our needs of security, connection and freedom only grew.

One of my favorite philosophers Naval Ravikant tweeted “Inspiration is perishable, act on it immediately”.

Upon being inspired to join the skoolie lifestyle, my friends and I jumped on the opportunity to learn and live the eco-nomdic lifestyle. We purchased a cumulative 10+ buses and will building them out over the next number of years at our own paces.

Immediately you can join our community discord server to ask questions and receive help on your tiny-home journey.

The bus and tiny home business, Mettā Mobiles is an off-shoot of Mettā Creative and has been a wonderful learning journey. If you told me 5 years ago I would have started an impromptu school bus business, I would have believed you hahah. Everything really does fall into place when you realize the multitude of uses a school bus has. Gotta thank our friends Adrian Cruz & Pranä Pete for giving us the final inspiration to put the foot on the gas. 🚌

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